Web Design

Gold Coast Web Development

When customers ask us: “How much is a website?” we always answer:  “How long is a piece of string?” There is no standard cost for a completed website. It all depends on complexity (which we are not a fan of), time involved to put it all together etc. etc.

So that is the reason why we first have to listen to you in order to be able to come up with a firm quote.

But rest assured… we work to your budget.

To give you an idea though: charges for a home page start at $250 and any additional pages are $150 each.

This is perfect to get your business on the net!

If you have more to spend, your site of course will look a lot better and could include some nice effects like a slide show, photo gallery or subscriber box for people to sign up to your newsletter.

It’s the old story… you get what you paid for.

We offer a full range of useful scripts like Mailing List Processors, Auto Responders and Tracking Systems at an additional cost.

If you wish to get an idea of cost, visit our samples website, email us about a cost for a selected website you see there and we’ll email you back with the amount that customer paid for it.

At least that will give you an idea and we won’t be on the phone trying to sell you something.

So check it out and whatever you do:
GET ON THE NET. Whether you have a small
budget or large… you have to be out there and we’ll love to help you!